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  1. To foster, expand and enhance education of all types approved under the Malaysian Education Laws and in accordance with the National Education Policy and the Education Act, 1961 including the establishment and maintenance of scholarships, seats in schools, colleges and universities for the benefit of Malaysia.
  2. Establish, maintain and administer scholarship funds to enhance the moral, intellectual and physical education and well -being of deserving and needy students.
  3. To provide scholarships for pre-university, undergraduate or postgraduate studies at UM.
  4. Coordinate and contribute to local and national institutions or organizations approved by the Director General of Inland Revenue, Malaysia
  5. Compile, implement and support schemes to alleviate human suffering, improve human living standards and treatment of diseases and illnesses.
  6. To help, provide assistance and provide assistance to the poor and needy due to age, illness, accident or infirmity who are wholly or partially unable to sustain themselves and their dependents especially orphans, victims of fire, flood, famine, war or catastrophe and those in need of rehabilitation or moral or social welfare