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Dear fellow alumni,

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you who are celebrating the lunar new year of the ram! By now, those of you who are PAUM (Persatuan Alumni Universiti Malaya) members would have read in the December 2014 PAUM newsletter that the new clubhouse will be operational in about six months’ time. For those of you who are not PAUM members yet, it is now time to seriously consider joining PAUM to enjoy the various sports and recreational facilities and activities available in the new clubhouse generic ventolin.


Please visit the PAUM website to get all the necessary information about how to join as PAUM members. We are aware that in this modern era of information technology, many of you expect and even crave for constant and instant information or newsfeed about what is going on in PAUM. Thus, our newsletter which is published only quarterly may not meet everyone’s need in this respect. As such, when I took over recently as the new IT Chair in the PAUM Exco, I decided to have a blog set up to serve as a more effective channel of communication with all of you. Henceforth, all important events and activities, including announcements of major decisions made by the PAUM Exco, will be posted on this e-notice board. This will go a long way in ensuring that PAUM members get up-to-date information and news about what is happening in PAUM and what the Exco is doing or working on. Please log in at http://UMAlumni.my/blog and register yourself there to follow us on the blog, so as to get instant notifications whenever something new is posted there. Of course, the PAUM Facebook will still be active, and available for us to share information and post comments. The PAUM website wholesale NFL jerseys  will also remain as the main source of information for you about PAUM in general. In addition, we will continue to communicate with you via e-mails whenever necessary.

Thank you!

Yours truly,
Dr Gan Siowck Lee Chair, IT and Publicity PAUM Exco

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